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How Rug Repair Can Restore Your Carpet

A well-made area rug is exactly that, well made. Constructed of quality materials and expert craftsmanship, these area rugs are made to last generations if properly maintained and cared for. A solid foundation, high end wool or silk and quality dyes, all attribute to a rug being worth a substantial amount of money.


Understanding When An Area Rug Needs To Be Repaired

Although well-made and able to handle significant foot traffic, rug repair can sometimes be necessary. Professional Rug Repair can vary from minor repairs such as securing the fringe or repairing the side cord, to something as large as requiring a complete area rug restoration. Most of the time these repairs blend in so well.

Finding a quality rug repair expert is essential, as a great deal of knowledge of area rugs and how to repair them is crucial to a quality rug restoration. Furthermore, having a fair understanding as a consumer can help make finding the right artisan for the job much easier. Many of these traditional handmade area rugs are no longer being created, which makes them that much more valuable (cost wise) and worth repairing.


Area Rug Repair Types

One common concern of traditional area rugs is structural damage. These repairs are very crucial to have done before it is too late. If the foundation is left un-repaired, it’s a good chance the repair itself will turn into a complete rug restoration which is more costly and time consuming for the rug repair experts.

The most common structural damage on a rug, is the fringe or side cords coming undone. If caught early enough, both of these rug repairs are somewhat minor and will protect the knots of your rug from coming undone.  Vacuum cleaners, pets and major traffic ways are the most common reasons for these damages to occur.

Vacuuming an area rug is a critical step that should be done on a weekly basis. One good practice is to vacuum the rug from side to side instead of top to bottom. This method allows the fringe to not come in contact with the vacuum.

Another pivotal step is to have your area rug washed every 3-5 years. This is extremely important in not allowing that much damage to occur on your rug. When you wash the rug, you are getting rid of any deep down dirt and possible insect larva. Additionally, you are also reconditioning the face fibers and refreshing the natural fibers of your rug.

And finally, not washing a rug allows the dirt embedded in the rug to grind away at the fibers. This is how a great deal of damage is caused.

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