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Our Story

For over a decade, Refined Carpet | Rugs has thrilled customers in Southern California, and across the nation, with its extensive inventory of rugs and carpet, its unparalleled rug cleaning expertise, and full rug repair and restoration services. We have earned our reputation among Southern Californian residents as their exclusive rug retailer, because we are also their go-to cleaning experts, and repair specialists. Being the rug cleaning and repair artisans we are, we are able to provide an exceptional in-showroom buying experience, given all of our experience and knowledge in the industry. Now, we are happy to bring our services, and our beautiful inventory, to customers nationwide.

Over the years, our customers have often come to us for help explaining that their previous experiences purchasing rugs were ridden with false hope and broken promises. Often people are told that a specific rug they purchased would significantly increase in value and/or be able to handle a lot of foot traffic, only to find out later that what they were promised wasn't true.

At Refined Carpet | Rugs, we take a completely different approach, and value our customer relationships above anything else. Each of us possesses a genuine compassion for our customers, and value complete transparency and honesty in everything that we do — making sure that, in our care, our "family" of customers are never misguided. This, combined with our passion for area rugs from around the world, and our drive to conduct good business, separates us from our competition, and creates an exceptional customer experience.

Our knowledge and experience allows us to determine where certain area rugs and/or carpet will perform best, or which type of rug would be suitable for a particular room. Based on factors such as foot traffic, color schemes, and/or sun exposure, our experts can help any customer pick the perfect new piece for their home. Additionally, when it comes to purchasing a rug for investment purposes, not only can we provide you with an accurate current valuation, but we can also give you a realistic idea of appreciation potential.

Whether its visiting our show room, or shopping online with us, we make sure to treat each customer like a member of our family.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions! We are here to help!



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