Karastan: Pet-friendly Area Rugs

Karastan: Pet-friendly Area Rugs

Are you in need of a Pet-friendly Rug? Well the good news is, you’ve come to the right place. The even better news, Karastan Rugs now offers pet-friendly rugs we can stand behind. The following articles highlights some of the new Karastan lines that we fully support for all you pet lovers.

Euphoria Pet-friendly Karastan Area Rugs

The Euphoria line is made of Smart Strand Triexta which is a new fiber. This fiber is 100% stain proof and will not wash off all while providing a very soft touch and feel. This fiber is made from corn so not only is it stain resistant, it is green and eco-friendly. These characteristics are what we look for in rugs that we can stand behind and this particular line is amazing. Noticeable design styles in the Karastan Euphoria line are Ayr, Wexford Sandstone, Monaghan Sandstone and Rhodes Ash Grey.

Spice Market Pet-friendly Karastan Area Rugs

Another fantastic new line is Spice Market. With striking colors and modern designs, this line is sure to wow any and all guests in your home. All while being fully pet stain proof and impervious to even the harshest of households. Like Euphoria, Spice Market is made in the U.S.A. and comprised of P.E.T fiber. P.E.T. is made from post-consumer goods such as plastic bottle. Not only does this rug come in gorgeous designs and colors, it is 100% stain proof.

Pet urine, vomit and feces have zero ability to stain this Karastan rug line. Noticeable mentions in the Karastan Spice Market line are Myanmar Tobacco, Myanmar Aquamarine, Aden Silver, Petra Multi, Tigris Aquamarine, Deir Aquamarine and Carthage Cream.

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