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Shopping for Antique Rugs

One needs to comprehend that antique rugs and carpets are collectible items. They are sought after by dealers, inside creators and private customers. They are grand centerpieces but as the years pass, they are becoming rare.

For starters, in order for antique rugs to be deemed "antique," they should be no less than 80 years of age. 

What to Consider Before Beginning the Hunt 

Here are a couple key components that you would need to consider before setting out on your journey to locate the ideal antique rug:


Where you purchase and from whom are similarly imperative variables.


Generally the bette the area rug is, the more costly it will be. Antique rugs are distinctive as the KPSI (knots per square inch) will effect the cost. In the event that you are comparing the quality of one or more pieces that are practically indistinguishable, the better rug MIGHT cost more.


With new area rugs - the cost is pretty much proportionate to the size. The greater the rug is, the more costly it will be. With antique rugs - this is not the situation. Antique rugs take many contributing factors into consideration. You are more likely to pay a higher amount for a smaller antique rug than you would a smaller new rug.


Please nose that some repair may be needed when taking a look at antique rugs. However, the general notion is that if the rug is in great condition it will cost more than if it were in poor condition. Often times the repairs are small or even unnecessary as the wear and tear usually only adds to the desired look. 


Often times the older the rug, the higher the price. The age of a rug is not the central point when valuing a rug but it is largely contributing factor. Think of a bottle of wine or champagne -- generally speaking, the older the bottle, the pricier the tag. 


How to Choose Which Antique Rug to Buy


For the vast majority, the rug will be a standout amongst the most costly things in the room (if not the most costly thing). Ultimately, the rug will set the enriching tone for the room so you ought to get something you cherish. Since you are likely making a good investment, take your time to make sure you get the rug you love. If it means waiting and setting aside more money in the budget, do it. This is more likely to benefit you in the long run as a worthy investment will last longer over time.


Before you go out shopping for an area rug you should first decide the size that you desire by measuring the space(s) that you want to cover. This way, when you are out shopping you are prepared and will know which rugs will work for your space and which won't. 


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