Why You Need A Good Quality Area Rug Pad (Cheap Ones Will Damage Your Floors and Rugs)

Why You Need A Good Quality Area Rug Pad (Cheap Ones Will Damage Your Floors and Rugs)

Here at Refined Carpet | Rugs, we are experts on all things area rugs and flooring. So yes, expertise definitely includes rug pads. We know that properly caring for your area rug, and the flooring beneath it, starts and ends with a good quality area rug pad. 

As rug and flooring experts, we've seen first-hand the damage that can occur when the wrong rug pad is used, or one isn't used at all. Both the area rug, as well as the flooring beneath it can be damaged. This damage can range from minor stickiness, and the minor breakdown of a rug pad, to permanently damaged area rugs, and flooring that will need to be refinished or completely replaced.

As mentioned, the degrees of damage can vary, but regardless, it should all be taken seriously. Most customers will buy the cheapest pad on the market, just to save a few dollars, and then will end up spending thousands to replace or refinish their floors. Below you will see three different severities of floor damage:

Moderate Damage

Moderate Damage

More Severe Damage 

More Severe Damage


Most Severe Damage 

Most  Damage

In the photo with moderate damage, you can see that the use of a poor quality waffle-type pad left markings/stickiness on the hardwood floor.

In the second picture (more severe damage), you can see that the low quality rug pad began to break down and deteriorate, leaving permanent residue of the rug pad on the hardwood flooring.

Lastly, as you can see in the third picture (most severe damage), the area rug completely deteriorated along with the rug pad — thus permanently affixing both the broken down pad, and the rug, to the tile.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter what type of flooring you have. There is no flooring that is "safe" from a cheap or poor quality rug pad. You can have hardwood, engineered wood, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, luxury vinyl, laminate or vinyl, and they all can be damaged by a poor quality area rug pad.

This also applies to area rug quality. Whether your rug is machine-made, tufted or a high-end handmade rug, all rugs can be permanently damaged by a low end area rug pad. 

We’ve seen this happen far too many times to our customers, and have been the company our customer’s have called to replace their damaged floors.

The three area rug pads we offer are all our tried-and-true favorites. While each of these rug pads serves a different purpose, they will all protect your area rug and the flooring beneath it. Additionally, none of them will damage your floors or area rugs.

You can choose from our Ultimate Rug Pad, our Premium Rug Pad or our Waterproof Rug Pad.

We offer a wide range of sizes as well as a custom-cutting service. With custom-cutting you are sure to have the perfect size rug pad for your rug.

You may shop in store or online. For any questions on selecting the right rug pad, or to inquire about having a rug pad custom cut, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help!

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